The Altair Robot Chronicles


Love it!

"Please insert photo" may be swapped with "Pass me a photo" or something if you're going for a more human interaction Grin

I hope you keep posting videos like this!


All without the cloud! Great job Tony. That Omron is an amazing sensor.


Very! Quite impressive indeed. Are you still using Cortana for speech recognition?


Yeah I've ordered one of those Omeron sensors to try out.


@fxrtst Let me know how it works out for you Will... When I sell a kidney on eBay I may want one of these too... Smile

@Tony... Dude you have skills I wish I had... thanks for sharing Smile


...good thing your body only needs one to live!


@Will... I never said it was my first kidney.. Tongue Hmmm, just how much is dialysis? Wooo, hooo free health care Grin


Hahahha...oh well we have Obama care...oh wait......... Grin


Great work, very impressive!


Thanks, everyone for the kind words and encouragement!

Steve, the HVC-P2 can analyse faces from up to 3.2m (10.5 feet) away.

DJ, I have a few more videos in the pipeline showing various things and will keep filming while there is interest. I have not changed over to Cortana yet, strangely I am finding that the regular MS speech recognition seems to be working much better these days.

Will, I can recommend the HVC-P2 which actually has 10 vision functions these are:- 1) Face Detection, 2) Human Body Detection, 3) Gender Estimation, 4) Age Estimation, 5) Gaze Estimation, 6) Facial Pose Estimation, 7) Face Recognition, 8) Expression Estimation (satisfied, unsatisfied, five different expressions: happiness, surprise, anger, sadness and neutral), 9) Hand Detection, 10) Blink Estimation.

I do some pre-processing before the vision data goes to the v4, this saves valuable processing time on the v4 for other things - with a dedicated PIC I can do stuff like stabilizing the data, for example the age algorithm can jump a bit from one scan to another, so I use a median filter to lose the spurious age outputs and make it all settle down to an accurate age estimation. The PIC then decides if the latest scan data has anything new and if so packets it all up for a single send to the v4.

I know the P2 is expensive, but you get a lot of human vision processing for the money!