Quick Introduction Of Me And My First Robot


Hello everyone! My name is Sebastian, I am from Sweden and I thought today would be a good day to introduce myself to this community.
I’ve actually been lurking around these forums quite actively for about a year now, but as I did not have the time to start my own journey into robotics, I decided to remain quiet until a time when I would be able to start working on my own projects. Meanwhile I’ve been visiting the EZ-Robot forums frequently, keeping an eye on what kind of projects you guys work on, and watching you solve one problem after another helping each other as a community has been very encouraging to follow!

Today I am happy to present my first robot that I’ve been working on for some time, the robot is a retro-style silver metallic coloured humanoid that goes by the name Dorian. Standing straight it is about 40 cm tall (1’4”) and is built with parts mainly coming from the JD set. I bought a JD in order to get a feel for the EZ-Builder environment and these products, and after trying some things out I decided to use the parts to make my own robot instead, adding a couple extra servos and also an ultrasonic sensor.
I’ve designed the chassis myself, but used the STL files for the servo brackets and such to make my life easier. In some cases I’ve made some modifications to them like when designing hands for the robot, using some of the designs from the EZ-Robot hand and expanding on that design to make it the way I wanted it to be for Dorian.

I’ve never built or programmed robots before and from what I’ve seen so far I have picked the best place to start learning, so I’m very excited to start experimenting with this little robot and getting to know all of you better!

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The cat looks very self satisfied indeed. Bordering on smug I think...But then again it could be just typical cat indifference... Still, I don't think he has any interest in sharing his blanky... Nice work and design. You did a very good job on your first bot... Smile Thanks for sharing....


Sebastian. That is one of the absolutely coolest robots I've ever seen! I'm super excited to see that you made a retro style robot like that.

Are we going to see a video of him in action someday? Grin


I agree with both DJ and RR.

The kitty looks absolutely unimpressed and maybe a little irritated about his new rival.

Your retro robot is very cool. I love his style. Very classic. When you get some time I'd love to see a video of him moving around and your choice of his voice.


Excellent looking robot. One of my cats loves my robots (partly because Roli has a laser pointer mounted on the camera), and she comes running whenever she hears the startup chime. The other cat, that looks like it could be your cat's brother is also about as chill with them too. Not scared, but not interested.


That robot looks great! Great job on your first robot. You will have a lot of fun programming him.


The new HDD servos will come in handy for the legs to help him walk - because they can hold a lot more weight and will not burn out. Plus, they're super quiet. They begin shipping in a few weeks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUNlMvDWadQ


Love the photo with the cat, Smile and of course a great looking retro robot!
Do you have a video of the robot in action?



@Sebediah I love the retro look of your robot. Are you planning to share your .stl files? I really like how you designed the body to integrate the sonar in the abdomen.


Welcome to our fantastic robot community. I really like what you have designed. This retro design is terrific and gives great inspiration to all who love robots..