Iphone Camera


I would like to know if anyone has used an iphone camera for an Ez-Robot camera.

If yes can you send me to a discussion link or tell me how it was done?

I am thinking about using it as a robot head.


This is not possible.


There are a number of apps for Android that allow you to remotely access the camera. This one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pas.webcam.pro claims to do mjpeg stream, which is what you would need from EZ-Builder. I haven't tried it yet (there is an ad supported free version, so you can try before you buy).



Thanks. I have several iPhones laying around that I was hoping to use. Guess not. Oh well. Lthanks for the imput.


iPhone is quite a locked down device - there isn't a lot you can do with it for hacking. EZ-Robot already has a very unique mobile app for Apple - one of a kind, actually. But that's about as far as we can push them Smile


Thanks for the help