Release 2017.01.29.00



- script editor clears null values after merge from previous project file version
- auto position import/export text render fix for high dpi
- auto position gait creator text render fix for high dpi
- personality generator fix for merge of from previous project file version
- script compiler does not throw exception when null script value is passed
- added mean filter to sdk
- added point to degree and radian functions to ezb library

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This is a very welcomed update. Thanks for the quick fixes. My robot can come back to life now. Tongue I'll update tonight and confirm that all is back to normal. Smile


I am getting a "No DLLs were found in the Waterfall procedure" in an "Error at loading of ippSP library" window.

When I clock OK Get an "EZ-builder has stopped working" window.


Have you recently installed any GoPro software? This is a bug in every version of GoPro desktop software for the past several years, and impacts EZ-Builder and many other applications that run cameras.

See or about 2 dozen other threads if you search for Waterfall.....



It was the GoPro that caused the error.

Thanks all for the quick solution.


Installed, tested and all is well now. Thanks again for the quick fix! Grin