Can't Get Upgrade To Load In My Netbook


I am unable to load the latest EZ Builder in my netbook. It begins to install then cancels and I get the following message:

"EZ-Builder cannot be installed on systems with .NET Framework versions lower than 4.6.1."

Can anyone tell me how do I fix this?



Just update your .net framework.... This is assuming your netbook is running a full version of windows... If it is one of those netbooks I am thinking of (with a super slow bottom of the line atom processor), expect ez builder to grind to almost a halt... Practically unusable...


I don't know how to do the update. No computer skills for such update. I failed Dummies for Dummies

I use it for the Fortune Teller I built. It does run ezb well enough, but I agree it is not the greatest.



Just download it and install it like any other program....
dot net installer download


Run the installer and follow the instructions from this link:


Go to this link:

Download for your operating system and install.



@Richard R

not fair you're in Canada ...



you too Brutus Smile




you too Brutus Smile

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@ptp.... Well I would move to California if the US would let me immigrate.... But apparently they don't like my kind... Grin President Trump is going to build another wall on the Canadian/US boarder to keep us Canucks out anyway... Grin