Ez Robot Smart Servos?


@DJ There have been lots of discussion (especially lately) about Dynamixel smart servos and now you have released a new plugin for support of KRS ICS smart servos too... I was just wondering if EZ Robot has considered or is considering your own brand of smart servo? I mean nothing would be more compatible with the ez robot platform than your own "in house" products, right?

Anyway I currently use a lot of the standard ez robot servos in my projects and find them pretty decent. However, I would have jumped a long time ago to smart servos if the cost wasn't so prohibitive... Saying that I would be more than willing to pay for "smart" ez robot servos especially since I know integration and compatibility would be complete... I know supporting 3d party products can sometimes be a pain for ez robot so I thought "hey if you can't beat 'em, join 'em"... Smile

I do understand that maybe only us DIY guys would be more interested in smart ez robot servos, but could you imagine JD with them? Grin


I agree with Richard R my only problem is getting EZ parts in U.K. is just about impossible.


Smart servos are not cheap ... the price is not related to the "Branding"

The Japanese Kondo (not available in the US or UK) aren't cheap too..

So if I'm going to pay i prefer to pay a little more and get the most well known/mature product. I don't have one but my first choice is Dynamixel and then Herculex.

The main reason is market availability, you can use them with EZ-Builder or other software solutions.

If EZ-Robots decides to develop and sell a smart servos, the following questions are important :

1) Is it Cheaper ?

If is significantly cheaper is a good opportunity for a DIY user although no market share outside EZR community.

2) Works better than other servos Dynamixel with EZ-Builder ?

2.1) If is not cheaper, what you can do with EZR smart servo you can't do it with others e.g. Dynamixel ?
2.2) Does the "feature" justifies the price and the difficulty to source the component ?


I really don't care as much about the price as I do complete integration into ez builder... If ez robot designs and manufactures them then they will know how to write software to run them. Further ez robot can make their own version that doesn't have to be an industry "stardard" smart servo.... Daisy chaining would be nice to reduce servo wire mess... My wish list of features are as below

1) Daisy chaining (I2C?)
2) Positional Feedback
3) Stronger (possibly using 12v)
4) More accurate positioning

As I mentioned it doesn't have to be a copy of a Dynmixel servo just an upgraded servo from ez robot's current Standard Servos...


I recommend using dynamixel servos. There's plenty of servos from manufacturers.

We do have a new servo that's an upgrade to our existing one which starts shipping in February. It's the HDD (high definition digital).

I'll make a video that shows them. But they're nearly impossible to burn out. Because we developed a current limit and heat monitor. So they shut down rather than burning out.

But as far as larger servos and such, there's no plan at this time. There's so many servos available from manufacturers that dedicate their time to making amazing products.


*** i didn't see DJ's post ***

Your wish list is mine too Smile and the order/priority too.

I would add another feature current/temperature limit to avoid servo damage.

I only mentioned the price and availability as key factors when you release a hardware product.


@DJ.... That's cool and I understand... Those HDD servos sound awesome... I will definitely looking to buy some of those for sure...

Looking forward to your video on them... Smile

@ptp... I guess eventually it will be dynamixels for me then..


The reason I am asking is I am working on a two arm barista type robot (taking a break from inMoov for a while).... It uses modified inMoov gearboxes, vex, ez robot servos (gripper and wrist rotate) and a lot of custom 3d design pieces... The inMoov gearboxes give the arm enormous strength... I was thinking of smart servos for the gripper and wrist rotate for accuracy and gripping strength... It's still a work in progress so there is many more design adaptations I am sure to come... Here is a pic of the prototype using an iOTiny... eventually there will be two arms working together to serve drinks..... It's nicknamed the Bee... Well, that's what Sue calls it anyway
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Scotch glass is empty...


@DJ... Blame the iOtiny.... has a mind of it's own you know.... Tongue