Ping)) ultrasonic sensor question


My sensor only has a Vcc, Gnd and Signal pin on it, can i wire it with just 1 servo wire?


Hey there! I've never seen a ping sensor with only 3 wires before. Are you sure there are not 4? If not, let me know the model number and i'll see if i can whip up a driver for you.


So it looks like Parallax has changed their PING))) sensor to have a 3 pin interface, I believe the SIG pin does the transmitting waits for a certain period and receives the Echo on the same pin. Dang, after all these years they have finally went to a standard 3 pin design but still haven't added analog out....grrrrr...Bad Parallax...bad!

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If anyone wants to use ultrasonics I'd recommend, ironically enough, the MaxSonar EZ series by MaxBotix they can do analog or digital readouts and they are less of a cost than the PING))) and they are also a smaller form factor, seriously use an EZ-0 with the EZ-B, they are sweet!

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Hi, How did you end up connecting the MaxBotix sensor, via the ADC or Pulse timing? I have several from another project that I would like to use.


Looks like I'm going to have to build support for the 3 wire ping sensor. Good idea, don't know why they didn't think of it sooner! More ping, less i/o! *eek*


@nyaple I use analog because you get a very linear voltage vs. distance readout, and it's an easy 3 pin hookup.


Thanks for the info. I have it setup and working. I'm new to EZ-B, how do you add the Maxbotix sensor to the Ping Distance built in controls? The existing control only allos the digital interface of the Ping style detectors.


Hey Nelson,

Connect the AN (analog output) from the Maxsonar to one of the 8 ADC inputs of the EZ-B. You can then use an ADC control (or the sharp IR radar control) with it


can't i just make the trigger port and the echo port the same?


Interesting.... Try it and see Smile

It MIGHT just work! I'd have to look at my code and see what kind of magical spell I put on that function. Darn assembly Smile It's harder to read then it is to write!