Author: danielaguerra
Created: 7/11/2018
Updated: 2 months ago
Filesize: 6,584,449
AdventureBot is an easy to assemble ez-robot built with EZ-Bits. This is the perfect robot for a beginner who wants to dabble in robotics without breaking the bank! The top mounted camera is a perfect addition for exploring ez-robot vision features and remote control spy missions.
Load the robot project into EZ-Builder
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Step 1

Add Dodecagon Body

Step 2

Add Extension Cube

Step 3

Add Hexapod Foot

Step 4

Add Extension Cube

Step 5

Add Extension Cube

Step 6

Add Extension Cube

Step 7

Add Continuous Rotation Servo as Left Wheel
  1. Connect to Servo port D0

Step 8

Add Continuous Rotation Servo as Right Wheel
  1. Connect to Servo port D1

Step 9

Add Hexapod Dome

Step 10

Add EZ-B v4 Camera
  1. Connect Camera to Camera port