EZ-Cloud enables sharing of RobotApps, Variables and 3D Printable EZ-Bits. By saving your projects and resources to the cloud, they become accessible to you from any computer or supported mobile device. You may also flag your files as public, which allows other EZ-Robot enthusiasts read-only access. This enables other users to experience your robot configuration and share ideas.

Robot AppStore

Included in EZ-Builder is the EZ-Cloud, located under the File menu option. An existing account with www.ez-robot.com is required for authentication. A number of categories are presented to you for organization. Select the appropriate category for your configuration file. Optionally, you may choose to set your file as Public for other users to use. There are currently 1060 public RobotApps on the EZ-Cloud AppStore. Additional examples can be found under the menu option (File->Examples) within the EZ-Builder application.
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Variable Sharing

The EZ-Builder application uses a scripting language called EZ-Script. Within EZ-Script, we offer the ability to store variable data on the EZ-Cloud. This allows your robot applications to share and store data. You may also use data that is marked public from other users.
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3D Printable EZ-Bit Sharing

All EZ-Robot plastic parts are released OpenSource as EZ-Bits. The EZ-Builder Software includes a Bit Builder, which allows anyone to create their own EZ-Bits which can be shared on the EZ-Cloud.
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