EZ-Robot Team

"EZ-Robot provides more than an advanced robot platform, we provide an experience. From the start to the end, EZ-Robot is here to help you build your dream robot." - DJ Sures

    Let’s face the facts, robots are our future. We know not everyone understands the details and complications of computer programming; which is why roboticist DJ Sures designed the revolutionary EZ-Robot Platform. The concept is quite simple: we take care of the software/hardware programming and provide tutorials to help build your dream robot. EZ-Robot has been described as a life changing platform. By providing the necessary tools, assistance, community and tutorials, we are defining the term Personal Robotics.

    What is your dream robot? It’s different for everybody and we’re here to support your dream. For some, a dream robot acts as an aid for a physical disability. For others, a robot is a personal friend and companion. There are no limitations to your imagination!

    DJ Sures talks about EZ-Robot. His dedication and passion towards Personal Robotics addresses the community's feedback, which has resulted in a powerful and easy to use robot building and controlling platform. DJ demonstrates how to easily make a robot using the innovative EZ-Robot Complete Kit and EZ-Builder software. Combining the EZ-B and EZ-Builder, DJ has made Personal Robotics available to everyone.

"It was very clear to me that while there were a bunch of hardware hobbyists that could assemble their own computers ... For every one of those, there were a thousand people that couldn’t do that, but wanted to mess around with programming." - Steve Jobs

    That quote was regarding Personal Computers in the early 1980's, and applies to present day Personal Robotics more than ever. The future of Robotics is undefined; it is left for us to define it. EZ-Robot promotes creativity by doing the difficult and tedious low-level work for you. Now you can build your own personal robot!