Introducing DJ Sures

    Who is DJ Sures? Well, let's just say that he is not a musical Disc Jockey. His name happens to actually be DJ Sures and here's his story...

"The secret is not giving up in what you believe in."

    DJ Sures is a passionate Canadian Roboticist, CEO and Visionary. His career began many years ago as a software developer in robotics for the oil and gas industry. Eventually found himself in network and computer security, while continuing to work in parallel with robotics and A.I. research. Over time, a few of his robots and ideas gained publicity on the internet.

"If you can teach everyone to build a robot, you will change the world."

    The idea of EZ-Robot started at DJ’s summer cabin in 2011 while building a robot with his grandfather sitting nearby. His grandfather asked if DJ could teach him to build a robot… Knowing the many disciplines involved in robotics, he told his grandfather how challenging it is to build a robot. His wise old grandfather sat back in his chair under the bright Ishkibibble Beach sunlight of Northern Lake Superior and said "Well, you can build a robot for yourself and have one, or develop a product to help others make robots and have a million".

As a result, he bootstrapped EZ-Robot and set forth to create the world’s easiest and most powerful robot building platform, which would enable anyone make science fiction grade robotics.

"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."

The EZ-B Robot Controller, EZ-Builder Robot Control Software and The Revolution Clip'n'Play Robot Kits were born! With a focus on smart, autonomous, and interactive EZ-Robots with Vision Learning and Voice Recognition Capabilities, 3D Printing and Cloud Community Engagement, EZ-Robots are used by educators, enterprise licensing and consumers in over 130 countries.

"Leading the development of tools to change the world."

    EZ-Robot encompasses DJ's vision of empowering anyone to do something never thought possible... build robots!